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How Zuum Works

Zuum will give you a good understanding of what social media content drives high engagment in your industry in very short period of time. The data in our charts is arranged to provide the critical contextual views needed, without bombarding you with unnecessary numbers.

The following are questions which most marketers would like to know about the performance of their social media properties. As you'll see, Zuum helps you answer these questions with unprecedented speed and clarity.

When are the best times to post on Facebook?

The Posting Time Chart

A 1:50 video showing how the content calendards for high-performing snack food brands like Twix, Snickers, Reese's and Butterfinger, compare to other brands in their industry.


How much should your brand be posting on Facebook?

The Posting Volume Chart

A 1:30 video showing how to determine a good posting volume in your industry.


How is your brand performing relative to the competition?

View the Leaderboard report

See how your brand compares on all the major industry benchmarks. 

Zuum facebook content marketing strategy tool leaderboard

How does your brand’s posting activity compare to your competitors?

View the Brand Voice report

Compare your content topics to the rest of your industry. See how much each page posts in the different media types, and how well those media types are working for them. 

Zuum facebook content marketing strategy tool Brand Voice

Which Posts are driving the Highest Engagement?

View the Most Engaging Posts report

See the top posts for each page in your industry. Immediately get a sense for what posting styles are driving engagement. 

Zuum facebook content marketing strategy tool most engaging posts

What topics are your fans talking about relative to your competitors?

View the Community Health report

Compare what topics your fans post to your competitors'. See images for the most engaging fan photos. View the most impacting fan posts, ranked by engagement rate.

Zuum facebook content marketing strategy tool community health

What topics should I be posting about?

View the Subject Explorer report

See which subjects are most likely to go viral. See which subjects spur the biggest fan discussions. See the topics that everyone in the industry is talking about. 

Zuum facebook content marketing strategy tool subject explorer

How are the mosting engaging subjects being used by marketers?

Click on a term in Subject Explorer to go to the Subject Analyzer

For each topic, see the number of posts for that topic, engagement rate, and what types of fan interactions that subject triggered. See other topics associated with that subject. See the posting schedule and calendar for that topic, broken out by brand. See the top brand posts on that subject. 

Zuum facebook content marketing strategy tool subject analyzer