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TopTen: Red Bull fans more than 'Like' this video

Following Red Bull is like taking a master course in content marketing. They do so many things right. Their content is often rich media. The production quality is good. And it’s always right on brand. This latest post exemplifies that. What’s more Red Bull fun and attitude than young guys drifting on custom build trikes? Proof is not only in the high engagement rate, but that 32% of those engagements were fans sharing it with their friends.

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Screen from Red Bull's top post last week

Highly engaging Facebook post from Red Bull with high sharing

The Week's Top Ten

Monday, February 27 to Sunday, March 4

Post Brand Media Type Engage.

% Shares Day
It’s the thought that counts. Disney Photo 0.230% 13% Mon
Mario Kart Gets Real. Red Bull Video 0.123% 32.8% Thu
Do you <3 Coke? Coca-Cola Status 0.076% .8% Wed
BIEBER! BIEBER! BIEBER! MTV Video 0.066% 5.4% Mon
LINK Converse All Star Photo 0.065% 4.8% Sat
The view from above. Starbucks Photo 0.056% 3.1% Tue
Click “LIKE” if you’re a fan of LMFAO’s latest hit, “Sorry for Party Rocking.” YouTube Flash 0.054% 0% Tue
Wow, 21 million fans! You guys wanna come over? I have a trampoline. Skittles Status 0.043% .5% Tue
There are only 5 days left until the Oreo 100th Birthday! Start celebrating early by making these cupcakes over the weekend! Oreo Link 0.038% 7.7% Thu

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