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Social Media Campaign Analysis: Coca-cola's #shareacoke

Soft drinks are by nature a rather social product. Who doesn’t open a soda and offer to share it with a friend? That’s the central theme of one of the more prominent campaigns this year from Coca-cola: “#shareacoke”.

This report analyzes the complete posting activity and impact generated in the campaign. It looks at which networks are generating the best opportunity, how this campaign used each network to make an impact, and community participation in the campaign.

Data Highlights
  • Facebook is the leading network for fans: Has over 90% of total community in this industry.
  • Facebook still drives majority of total engagements, although Instagram has a high engagement rate across this industry.
  • #shareacoke theme was 50% of the brand’s posting effort through reporting period.
  • #shareacoke generated 75% of the brand’s engagement during the same period.
  • #shareacoke was one of the biggest social media campaigns from any soft drink brand this summer

Children’s Hospitals - A Week In Social Media

The Zuum report “Children’s Hospitals - A Week In Social Media” is an example of how to use Zuum to stay on top of the latest content trends in any given industry. See not only which networks have the most fans but also drive engagement. Review the top campaigns, comparing how they perform to other campaigns and popular topics. Assess a brand’s top influencers and how much influence they generated.

Brands analyzed include Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Texas Children’s Hospital.

Data highlights and key takeaways:
  • 37% of all posts were made by the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
  • 49 of the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s 176 posts were for their #dverockschildrens campaign
  • Posts requesting donations generated more than 3x the overall per post average engagement
  • Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh used the #dverockschildrens campaign to support their fundraising drive
  • During the #dverockschildrens campaign, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh had a noticeable spike in new fans

Tourism DMOs - A Social Media Analysis

The travel and tourism industry may not have the enormous social media communities that large global brands pften attain, but with messages highlighting the beauty and excitement of the best each destination has to offer, they do a good job of driving engagement.

In this report, we take a look at 9 state tourism accounts, exploring their social media activities for the month of August.

A few highlights:

  • Facebook’s the dominant network -- 67% of total community size. Brands generate most engagement there, too.
  • Only one brand has a social network community larger than their Facebook page: Texas Tourism’s Pinterest.
  • Instagram shows signs of good opportunity. Several brands get high Instagram engagement totals, despite relatively small followers.
  • Instagram engagement rate is 15x higher than Facebook’s for this industry. Brands should work to build audiences on Instagram.
  • Top performing DMO is “Go Hawaii”, which is generating more than 3x the total engagements of the next most engaging DMO.
  • While most brands are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, few campaigns extend across all three networks. It’s a missed opportunity for several brands not extending their campaigns to Instagram.

Data is for the month of August 2014, unless otherwise noted. All data is from social strategy tool Zuum.


Top Ten: Burger King's Facebook post leaves bad taste in fans' mouths

One of the reasons we break out the types of engagement a post gets is because doing so tells you a lot about how people react to a given piece of content.

Looking at this week’s Burger King post, you can see that it’s breakout of total posts skews much higher for comments than likes. That’s very rare, and when you click through to see what posters are saying, it’s not a pretty picture. Not surprisingly, when people don’t like something, they don’t ‘like’ it, either. But it doesn’t keep them from engaging.

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#1 Dior - photo2014-08-25 16:42
J'adore, September 3. Stay tuned. #diorjadore

Tot: 0.804% Engagement rate113.0K Engagements109.4K Likes1.0K Comments2.6K Shares2% Shares
24h: 0.545% Engagement rate76.5K Engagements
#2 CHANEL - photo2014-08-25 16:45
Through black… a woman’s light revealed. Discover COCO NOIR on

Tot: 0.31% Engagement rate40.2K Engagements37.8K Likes537 Comments1.9K Shares5% Shares
24h: 0.272% Engagement rate35.2K Engagements
#3 Aéropostale - photo2014-08-25 01:00
lost in ♡.

Tot: 0.249% Engagement rate26.4K Engagements26.1K Likes41 Comments200 Shares1% Shares
24h: 0.216% Engagement rate22.9K Engagements
#4 Louis Vuitton - photo2014-08-25 15:50
A peek at the savoir faire behind the Louis Vuitton Women’s Fall 2014 Collection by Nicolas Ghesquière, now available in stores. More on the collection on

Tot: 0.269% Engagement rate47.3K Engagements46.3K Likes239 Comments817 Shares2% Shares
24h: 0.118% Engagement rate20.7K Engagements
#5 Burger King - status2014-08-26 15:20
We hear you. We’re not moving, we’re just growing and finding ways to serve you better. As part of the announcement made today, both Burger King Corp. and Tim Hortons will continue to operate as independent brands. We’ll just be under common ownership. Our headquarters will remain in Miami where we were founded more than 60 years ago and business will continue as usual at our restaurants around the world. The decision to create a new global QSR leader with Tim Hortons is not tax-driven – it’s about global growth for both brands. BKC will continue to pay all of our federal, state and local U.S. taxes. We’re proud of the heritage of Burger King and will maintain our long-standing commitment to our employees, franchisees and the local communities we serve. The WHOPPER isn’t going anywhere.
Tot: 0.164% Engagement rate11.9K Engagements2.1K Likes8.8K Comments995 Shares8% Shares
24h: 0.113% Engagement rate8.3K Engagements
#6 Dolce & Gabbana - photo2014-08-25 17:00
Dreaming a never ending Summer? Light Blue limited edition fragrances - Discover Vulcano and Escape to Panarea, will let you live the dream.

Tot: 0.128% Engagement rate12.2K Engagements11.6K Likes148 Comments540 Shares4% Shares
24h: 0.108% Engagement rate10.3K Engagements
#7 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - photo2014-08-25 00:00
Be the #OfficeHero tomorrow and make Monday morning a little sweeter for everyone.

Tot: 0.111% Engagement rate5.5K Engagements5.2K Likes69 Comments196 Shares4% Shares
24h: 0.098% Engagement rate4.8K Engagements
#8 HUGO BOSS - photo2014-08-27 06:15
Finishing touches #BerlinBag

Tot: 0.037% Engagement rate2.7K Engagements2.6K Likes13 Comments40 Shares1% Shares
24h: 0.033% Engagement rate2.4K Engagements
#9 Ferrero Rocher - photo2014-08-25 15:00
Here is a nice idea for your afternoon tea. How are you using the empty Ferrero Rocher boxes?

Tot: 0.027% Engagement rate5.1K Engagements4.9K Likes89 Comments102 Shares2% Shares
24h: 0.023% Engagement rate4.4K Engagements
#10 Gucci - video2014-08-26 10:50
London. New York. Tokyo. Discover the art of dressing well with Gucci Men's Tailoring.

Tot: 0.035% Engagement rate4.9K Engagements4.1K Likes109 Comments667 Shares14% Shares
24h: 0.022% Engagement rate3.1K Engagements


TopTen is weekly summarty of the previous week's ten most engaging posts from the largest 100 consumer brand pages on Facebook. All data is pulled using social media content strategy tool Zuum.

Top Ten: Aeropostale’s Facebook campaign a consistent high performer

A frequent member of the Top Ten, Aeropostale’s posts are invariably an interesting arrangement of an outfit, laid down against a flat surface. It’s a great example of a brand picking a style, sticking to it, and carving out a distinct look that fans begin to recognize and anticipate. This week, the layout theme took them to the #1 spot.

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#1 Aéropostale - photo2014-08-18 00:45

Tot: 0.341% Engagement rate36.1K Engagements35.8K Likes52 Comments232 Shares1% Shares
24h: 0.302% Engagement rate31.9K Engagements
#2 HUGO BOSS - photo2014-08-18 07:06
Enjoy a moment to yourself with BOSS Ma Vie fragrance.

Tot: 0.138% Engagement rate9.9K Engagements9.6K Likes67 Comments267 Shares3% Shares
24h: 0.122% Engagement rate8.8K Engagements
#3 Dior - photo2014-08-20 15:34
Rihanna was spotted yesterday in New York City carrying two of Dior's most iconic bags: a light blue 'Lady Dior' and a pink 'Dior Addict'. Immerse yourself into the house of Dior's leather goods collection on

Tot: 0.09% Engagement rate12.7K Engagements12.1K Likes207 Comments326 Shares3% Shares
24h: 0.076% Engagement rate10.6K Engagements
#4 Burger King - photo2014-08-18 21:05
You're not so bad yourself.

Tot: 0.084% Engagement rate6.1K Engagements5.7K Likes260 Comments153 Shares3% Shares
24h: 0.069% Engagement rate5.0K Engagements
#5 Dolce & Gabbana - photo2014-08-18 13:00
Rachel McAdams in Dolce&Gabbana for Allure August #DGwomen #DGcelebs

Tot: 0.076% Engagement rate7.2K Engagements7.1K Likes33 Comments131 Shares2% Shares
24h: 0.067% Engagement rate6.4K Engagements
#6 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - photo2014-08-18 01:50

Tot: 0.067% Engagement rate3.3K Engagements3.0K Likes76 Comments163 Shares5% Shares
24h: 0.065% Engagement rate3.2K Engagements
#7 Victoria's Secret Pink - photo2014-08-18 00:00
We love you guys but you’re probably wearing the wrong bra size. Find your perfect fit in our PINK Bra Guide right now.

Tot: 0.037% Engagement rate5.5K Engagements5.3K Likes45 Comments72 Shares1% Shares
24h: 0.033% Engagement rate4.8K Engagements
#8 Lacoste - photo2014-08-18 12:30
Red or blue? Which L742s sunglasses from our #Regatta collection will you sport to kick off the week? Discover them now!

Tot: 0.032% Engagement rate4.4K Engagements4.0K Likes109 Comments220 Shares5% Shares
24h: 0.027% Engagement rate3.8K Engagements
#9 Red Bull - video2014-08-18 14:03
First past the post:

Tot: 0.028% Engagement rate12.6K Engagements10.3K Likes137 Comments2.1K Shares17% Shares
24h: 0.026% Engagement rate11.5K Engagements
#10 Abercrombie & Fitch - photo2014-08-18 12:41

Tot: 0.021% Engagement rate1.9K Engagements1.9K Likes3 Comments0 Shares0% Shares
24h: 0.019% Engagement rate1.7K Engagements


TopTen is weekly summarty of the previous week's ten most engaging posts from the largest 100 consumer brand pages on Facebook. All data is pulled using social media content strategy tool Zuum.

CPG Snack Foods - A Social Media Analysis

Snack Foods have some of the largest social media communities of any product or service category. Our sample of 8 brands -- Butterfinger, Oreo, Reese’s, Skittles, Snickers, Starburst, Twix and Wonka -- has an average Facebook fan count of over 14 million.

The category is a fun, simple product with a lot of room for creative messaging -- perfect for an analysis of how brands like these communicate with and engage their customer base.

Our analysis outlines which networks are generating the biggest impact in the category, and takes a deep dive into the best performing tactics and campaigns these brands are using to engage their audience.

Report highlights

  • Facebook is the dominant network, with 99% of the total community among these brands
  • Surprisingly few brands are on Instagram, given the young, casual nature of the product category
  • The only brand on Instagram, Oreo, generates more engagement there than with their 37 million Facebook fans.
  • Two brands greatly increased their impact on Facebook through post promotion: Snickers and Wonka
  • Campaign analysis shows Twitter to be generating little engagement relative to Facebook, while Oreo campaigns implementing Instagram are seeing a significant number of engagements on that network.
  • Wonka’s RANDOMS product launch campaign used post promotion on Facebook to increase engagement levels over 100x above the organic impact.

Top Ten: Short messages prevail in this week’s most engaging Facebook posts

Note the brevity of this week’s posts. In keeping with that trend, we’ll end this commentary right here. 

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#1 Victoria's Secret Pink - photo2014-08-11 15:00
Our current color crush.

Tot: 0.217% Engagement rate31.7K Engagements30.8K Likes392 Comments497 Shares2% Shares
24h: 0.181% Engagement rate26.4K Engagements
#2 Aéropostale - photo2014-08-11 01:15
snapshots of summer.

Tot: 0.193% Engagement rate20.4K Engagements20.2K Likes32 Comments123 Shares1% Shares
24h: 0.17% Engagement rate17.9K Engagements
#3 Dolce & Gabbana - photo2014-08-11 09:40

Dolce & Gabbana Look of the Day: Late Summer Wedding - A floral print brocade coat with Peter Pan collar from the Dolce&Gabbana Pre Fall 2014-15 Collection with floral print shift dress in the same material as the coat. See more Look of The Day here
Tot: 0.181% Engagement rate17.3K Engagements17.1K Likes149 Comments49 Shares0% Shares
24h: 0.159% Engagement rate15.2K Engagements
#4 HUGO BOSS - photo2014-08-11 06:35
Step out of your daily routine with BOSS Ma Vie fragrance.

Tot: 0.14% Engagement rate10.1K Engagements9.8K Likes64 Comments268 Shares3% Shares
24h: 0.125% Engagement rate9.0K Engagements
#5 Louis Vuitton - photo2014-08-12 15:34
Louis Vuitton gives the classic Men’s Derby shoe a modern twist with the Blend shoe collection, now on

Tot: 0.122% Engagement rate21.4K Engagements20.5K Likes245 Comments699 Shares3% Shares
24h: 0.111% Engagement rate19.4K Engagements
#6 Burger King - photo2014-08-11 12:30

Tot: 0.045% Engagement rate3.2K Engagements2.6K Likes210 Comments396 Shares12% Shares
24h: 0.038% Engagement rate2.7K Engagements
#7 Dior - video2014-08-11 15:13
With the ‘DiorMetallic’ sunglasses showcased on the Winter 2014 runway, immerse yourself in an electric and futuristic world.

Tot: 0.043% Engagement rate6.0K Engagements5.3K Likes131 Comments559 Shares9% Shares
24h: 0.038% Engagement rate5.2K Engagements
#8 Forever 21 - photo2014-08-11 01:00
If only we could have endless summers... ☀ #summerforever #sundayfunday #weekender #f21xme

Tot: 0.03% Engagement rate3.0K Engagements2.9K Likes16 Comments66 Shares2% Shares
24h: 0.027% Engagement rate2.6K Engagements
#9 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - photo2014-08-11 02:03

Tot: 0.022% Engagement rate1.1K Engagements960 Likes14 Comments109 Shares10% Shares
24h: 0.021% Engagement rate1.0K Engagements
#10 Red Bull - photo2014-08-11 14:00

Tot: 0.018% Engagement rate7.8K Engagements7.6K Likes40 Comments191 Shares2% Shares
24h: 0.015% Engagement rate6.6K Engagements


TopTen is weekly summarty of the previous week's ten most engaging posts from the largest 100 consumer brand pages on Facebook. All data is pulled using social media content strategy tool Zuum.

Top Ten: Fashion brands once again dominate the engagement summit

In “Purple Cow”, Seth Godin talked about creating remarkable brands. Brands that generated news based primarily on the merchandise or services they roll out. And if you think about it, the fashion industry is the perfect model for that. Frequent, regular product announcements to an audience that is generally quite loyal to their favorite brands. Given that, it perhaps shouldn’t surprise that this week, 8 of the top 10 most engaging Facebook posts are from fashion brands.

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#1 Louis Vuitton - photo2014-08-05 18:03
Follow the Louis Vuitton Fall 2014 Women's Shoe Collection across Paris, captured by John Wright. See the full collection on

Tot: 0.276% Engagement rate48.2K Engagements45.6K Likes464 Comments2.1K Shares4% Shares
24h: 0.182% Engagement rate31.7K Engagements
#2 CHANEL - photo2014-08-05 16:43
Color your emotions this fall with the new CHANEL makeup collection.

Tot: 0.159% Engagement rate20.4K Engagements19.6K Likes122 Comments687 Shares3% Shares
24h: 0.137% Engagement rate17.6K Engagements
#3 HUGO BOSS - photo2014-08-04 07:46
Ma vie - the new fragrance for women.

Tot: 0.102% Engagement rate7.3K Engagements6.9K Likes40 Comments354 Shares5% Shares
24h: 0.087% Engagement rate6.3K Engagements
#4 Dior - photo2014-08-04 17:09
With its luminous, striking bottle, Dior Addict fragrance confirms its multifaceted & sparkling personality. Completely addictive. Watch the film:

Tot: 0.087% Engagement rate12.1K Engagements11.6K Likes105 Comments391 Shares3% Shares
24h: 0.075% Engagement rate10.5K Engagements
#5 Abercrombie & Fitch - photo2014-08-04 13:30
Off-duty styles inspired by on-the-field silhouettes... Shop the Sporty Remix now:

Tot: 0.131% Engagement rate11.7K Engagements11.6K Likes34 Comments14 Shares0% Shares
24h: 0.049% Engagement rate4.4K Engagements
#6 Victoria's Secret Pink - photo2014-08-04 15:10
It keeps getting crazier… PINK Friday is in 4 days. #CrazyForPINK

Tot: 0.041% Engagement rate6.0K Engagements5.9K Likes32 Comments63 Shares1% Shares
24h: 0.036% Engagement rate5.3K Engagements
#7 Burger King - photo2014-08-04 16:42
Onion rings make it official.

Tot: 0.044% Engagement rate3.2K Engagements3.0K Likes127 Comments58 Shares2% Shares
24h: 0.035% Engagement rate2.5K Engagements
#8 Dolce & Gabbana - photo2014-08-04 10:00
How to be right on trend even at the beach? Discover our selection

Tot: 0.027% Engagement rate2.5K Engagements2.4K Likes12 Comments127 Shares5% Shares
24h: 0.022% Engagement rate2.1K Engagements
#9 Ferrero Rocher - photo2014-08-04 16:30
Do you know that a line of Ferrero Rocher sold in 6 days worldwide would be as long as the Great Wall of China?

Tot: 0.018% Engagement rate3.4K Engagements3.2K Likes43 Comments117 Shares3% Shares
24h: 0.015% Engagement rate2.9K Engagements
#10 Lacoste - photo2014-08-05 12:30
This Tuesday, get rid of the mid-summer blues with our Lacoste blue board on Pinterest! Click here for more beautiful summer shots: #LiveBeautifully

Tot: 0.016% Engagement rate2.2K Engagements2.2K Likes15 Comments42 Shares2% Shares
24h: 0.014% Engagement rate1.9K Engagements


TopTen is weekly summarty of the previous week's ten most engaging posts from the largest 100 consumer brand pages on Facebook. All data is pulled using social media content strategy tool Zuum.

New Feature: Subject Explorer and Analyzer now on Twitter and Instagram

If you’ve used our Subject Explorer and Subject Analyser to find the top performing content themes and campaigns on Facebook, you’ll like that we’ve brought the same capabilities to Twitter and Instagram.

Note: If you haven’t read about our recent updates to the Subject Explorer or our new 24 Hour engagement rate calculation, you may want to check out those two posts, here and here.

Chart 1: Subject Explorer, now available in Instagram and Twitter. 

Zuum Instagram subject explorer for campaign analysis

The Subject Explorer on Twitter and Instagram bring the same capabilities that the Facebook version has, with a nice distinction. Once you’ve selected a term to analyze and then click through to the Subject Analyzer, you’ll then see a second term cloud, showing which other terms worked best with the selected term (Chart 2)

Chart 2: Subject Analyzer in Instagram featuring Top Related Terms highlighting the best performing terms when combined with the original subject, #diorlive

From there, another click on any of those topics, and you can see the same analysis, only now on posts in which those two terms both appeared, per Chart 3, below.

Chart 3: Keyword Pairs analysis in Instagram and Twitter

As other networks besides Facebook are becoming more and more popular, taking our Subject Explorer and Subject Analyzer to Twitter and Instagram will help you assess the performance and potential of content themes on those networks, as well.

New Feature: Subject Explorer Color Coding For Easier Campaign Analysis

Our Subject Explorer has always been good for identifying top performing content themes and analyzing competitor campaigns. Now, getting to those observations is considerably faster.

Clearer Color Coding

Most noticeably, the color-coding on the word cloud is now a much clearer indicator of the subject’s performance. The hottest, most engaging subjects are in red, and move outward as the average engagement for posts on those subjects drops. And you can see how each term, or color ranks overall, by comparing it to the color gradient scale in the upper right corner of the chart. See Chart 1 below.

Chart 1: Subject Explorer with color-coded engagement levels 

Engagement-based Keyword Order

We’ve also clustered the words by engagement rate, starting in the center for the most engaging terms (hot terms in red), and going out from there. That way, topics that are part of the same high-engaging campaigns appear together and are easier to identify. Note that the size of the term still indicates the amount of use that term has.

24 Hour Engagement Rate View

We’ve also added the option to view these subjects by their 24 hour engagement rates, a more accurate way of assessing which topics are most engaging. For more on that, please read this blog post: LINK

Performance Indicator Scale

Another addition to this chart is the metrics bar at the right, which not only shows the engagement rate for each color variation, but also where your brand ranks relative to the industry overall.

And of course, when you click through any of these terms, you still go through to our Subject Analyzer, with numerous metrics analyzing the campaign performance and content characteristics. 

This chart and the accompanying Subject Analyzer are also available for Twitter and Instagram data on Zuum. 

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